Supernatural – Episode 9.19 – Test Review

I am not a big fan of standalone episodes. I watch TV shows to follow a character's journey, or a bunch of characters’ journeys. One-off stories are not my thing. They are too short and mostly  predictable. They tend to focus on side characters toward whom I feel no emotional attachment. That is one reason I didn’t like season one. It’s also why I don’t watch procedurals.

I went into this episode expecting to feel bored. This season didn’t have a stellar record of Monster of the Week episodes and I had no reason to think this episode would be different. I was also mad at Carver for putting a Monster episode at this point in the season. So close to the finish line the show should be firing on all cylinders toward the conclusion of the mythology and the tying of all its loose ends. Are we so on track with the main story arc that we could afford a side adventure?

But I got a surprise. I liked the episode, better than the last one. I blame it on a combination of the episode’s story not being too bad (although still quite predictable) and the current mythology not being that good. When the main story fails to impress, while the side story shines, that says something about the show.